Terms and Conditions 


Ingrid's Pet Sitting agrees to provide all services as contracted with the client in a reliable, trustworthy, and professional manner.

 The client agrees to undertake this service under the terms and provisions defined in the pet sitting contact, ALL   information supplied on the Meet and Greet information sheet is correct which will become part of this contract.

 It is the client's responsibility to ensure their pet/s will be safe when left home alone, Ingrid's Pet Sitting shall NOT be   held responsible for the loss, injury, deaths, bites, escape from faulty fencing or from inside the home due to faulty   screens, doors, gates, or been let outside of the premises while you are away, from friends, neighbours, real estate   agents, tradesman's, or has instructed Ingrid's Pet Sitting to allow the owners pets to go outside when we are not there.

This includes pets with doggie doors and outside pets.

Should the Pet Sitter be bitten by or injured by the owner's pets, including walking their dog, I (the owner) agree to pay all medical costs incurred to the Pet Sitter.

 In an event of an emergency, Ingrid 's Pet Sitting will make every effect to contact the owner on the phone number   provided on the Meet and Greet information sheet but if time is of the essence, the client authorizes Ingrid's Pet Sitting Service to seek medical services at the requested veterinarian on the Meet and Greet, I agree to reimburse Ingrid's Pet Sitting Services for ALL services rendered by the veterinarian.

The client agrees to that their pets are up to date with their vaccinations, medications and flea treatments.

Ingrid's Pet Sitting Service takes no responsibility if the owner does not disclose ALL information about any health or medication issues even if the owner doesn't know at the time about any health and medication issues that may arise in the care of Ingrid's Pet Sitting Service.

The client agrees to pay all invoices, cash payments outstanding by the end of the first day of starting the pet sit/home visits , or where a deposited has been received the client agrees to settle all outstanding payments by the end of the last day of the pet sit/home visits.

I agree to these terms and conditions